was a price comparison website.

It was dedicated to providing independent and trustworthy information, finding the lowest prices and best stores on the Internet and making your shopping easier than anywhere else. The unique shopping site offered price listings from nearly all reliable stores on the Internet. It compared prices and display product reviews for thousands of top products from electronics and other categories. It let users browse thousands of popular brands, hot products, best sellers and more.

In short, it was dedicated to being Your Guide to Better Shopping™.

So, what happened?

All Your Prices died before it barely got started due to several factors. Keep in mind, this is an old story, not recent.

  1. Google AdWords started to cost too much. Since the site was just starting out and we didn't have a loyal user base yet, the site was advertised through a massive Google AdWords campaign. We advertised tens of thousands of products on AdWords using a sophisticated custom-built ROI-per-ad tracking system. When advertising so many items, it wasn't simple to calculate exactly how much money was being earned in affiliate payments from Amazon and other companies for a given ad. There was no way at the time to track a single AdWords click all the way through to a single affiliate payment. Nevertheless, we had become pretty good at calculating the return on spending for each AdWord campaign. For a while, at the start, we were having great success. We were earning tens of thousands of dollars in affiliate payments per month, which corresponded to millions of dollars in sales for the affiliates. Even though we were spending nearly as much on AdWords, we hoped to slowly gain repeat users that visited the site directly. Direct visits wouldn't cost money for each visit and therefore revenue could grow. Unfortunately, it seems likely that other companies must have been thinking similarly to us, because the cost of AdWord impressions started to rise. The rise was likely due to competition for impressions in Google search results for given keywords. Eventually we ran out of keywords and ads that we could profitably run. Unfortunately we were bootstrapping and not funded well enough to sustain long term losses while we tried to adapt our strategy.
  2. Amazon's dominance continued to increase. Amazon was already huge when we started, but their increasing dominance meant that an increasing number of customers were less inclined to bother with comparing prices from other sites. Too many people started deciding that they preferred to stick with Amazon even if it cost them a few extra bucks now and then. This made it increasingly difficult to gain repeat users that didn't visit through our advertisements in Google search results.
  3. Google started promoting Google Shopping, its own price comparison tool, within it's own search results. They were not doing this when we first started. Even after they started, we held onto hope. So long as we could keep bringing in visitors, we had a chance to build a unique site that enough people appreciated. Unfortunately, the cost of AdWords forced us to abandon that plan.

What inspired the name?

Asked no one. Ever. But let me tell you anyway! This is going to date the origins of this story. I told you that it isn't recent. In Internet years, it's early Paleolithic. The name "All Your Prices" was inspired by one of the earliest very well known Internet memes, "All your base are belong to us.". At one point we had an easter egg on the site referencing the meme and yes, we also own (without the "s). No, we don't own You are welcome to buy it :-)

If you don't know it, get off my lawn - and use Google.

What is the future of All Your Prices?

We realize that price is only one factor in choosing which product to buy and also where to buy it. The plan is to create tools that focus on making the shopping experience easier and more productive across a range of websites, including Amazon. We have experienced lots of frustration when shopping online and trying to find the best option to fit a need. We see a still very much under-served need for help in making purchasing decisions and we will be aiming to create powerful yet intuitive tools to do that.

In short, we want to Just Make Shopping Easier™.

To be continued ...

(But not very soon. Got other things to do and this site has been unmaintained for a very long time.)

If you are impatient, like discussing ancient Internet memes, or want to know more, please use this contact form.